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Coming Up: Husky Open Regatta, April 6

Cost: $30


Payment may be made online until midnight, Thursday, April 4.  Thereafter payment must be made in the office.

What it is:

The Husky Open Regatta is a 2000m sprint race held through the Montlake Cut next to the University of Washington.  This regatta is hosted and run by the UW Coaching staff.  It is also a dual meet between the UW and Brown University men.

Where it is:

Racing will be held out of the Conibear Shellhouse at the University of Washington, near the IMA and basketball arena.  Parking will be in the large E1 lot north of the athletic facilities.  They may charge for parking in the E1 lot, so come with $10 if you plan on parking.  You can always drop off athletes without paying for parking.

Who is racing:

All varsity boys and select varsity girls.  Those who are racing have been notified by their coaches.  Novices do not race at this regatta.



Saturday, April 6:
6:30 am    Coaches and coxswains meeting (only coxswains need attend)
9:10 am    Jr Men’s Varsity 8+
11:25 am  Jr Men’s JV 8+ (Heat 1)*
11:55 am  Jr Men’s 4+ (Heat 1)*
12:00 pm  Jr Men’s JV 8+ (Heat 2)*
12:05 pm  Jr Women’s JV 8+ (Heat 1)*
12:20 pm  Jr Men’s 4+ (Heat 2)*
12:30 pm  Racing ends
~2:00 pm  Meet at Mount Baker to unload and rig
~2:30 pm  Done
* These are separate races, not qualifiers for a grand final race, so each of these boats will only race once.
Coaches will inform their respective athletes when they are expected at the race course.
As usual, these times are tentative and may change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Other Stuff:

Viewing is best along the Montlake Cut where crews will be racing by just a few feet away.  Also, many people will view from the Montlake Bridge.  BE VERY CAREFUL if viewing on the bridge as the bridge will be open to traffic and spectators have gotten hurt trying to cross the bridge in order to see the finish of a race.  Food will not be served at this event so athletes will need to plan accordingly.