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Coming Up: Opening Day

The Mount Baker Boys and Girls V8’s have qualified for the Opening Day Regatta held in the Montlake Cut at the University of Washington. Tentatively, the Girls are scheduled to race in the Girls High School 8+ event at 10:54, while the boys are scheduled to race in the Boys Club 8+ event at 11:02

Boats qualified by placing in the top 6 at the Brentwood Regatta held this past weekend in Canada.  For the boys, it will be a rematch of the top 5 crews from Brentwood.  Due to finishing 6th at Brentwood, the girls will be racing against the top 4 finalists from the School 8+ at Brentwood.

The regatta itself is a far different event than the ones we normally compete in.  For a quick description, see my post on Opening Day from last year.

Athletes will transport themselves to the race course, coaches will inform the athletes of exactly when they are expected to be at the race course. The plan is to unload and rig boats at Mount Baker following trailer loading.