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Coming Up: Green Lake Spring Regatta

All junior athletes, except those racing at the Shamrock Invitational, will compete at the Green Lake Spring Regatta on Green Lake.  This is a 1000m sprint regatta which includes many of the top regional teams, and it marks our first regatta of the season.

Cost: $50
Barcode: 77451 

More information about the course, and the most recent race schedule can be found at Green Lake’s website.

Food will be provided throughout the day by our stalwart volunteers.

If you are trying to figure out exactly when your child will be racing, you may not know until your child’s coach posts lineups.  Usually this will happen a few days before the regatta.  The coaches will also let your child know exactly when they are expected to be at Green Lake.  Many athletes will need to be there around 5:45 am to unload the trailer, others may be expected to stay later to help load the trailer, perhaps as late as 6:00 pm.

Please do not contact the office to find out exactly when your child is racing.  We cannot track the race times of all 140 athletes on our team, especially when lineups are subject to change by the coaches.