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Coming Up: Green Lake Frostbite Regatta

On Saturday, November 5th, the Mount Baker Novice squads will compete at the Green Lake Frostbite Regatta.  Unlike most Fall regattas, this is a 1000m sprint race rather than a longer head race.  As many as seven crews will line up in separate lanes and race each other.

If you would like a little more information regarding sprint racing, you can read my post on Race Tactics.  Although this post is more relevant to the 2000m distance, the basic elements are the same.

This regatta is hosted by the Green Lake Small Craft Center.  You can get a map link here.  Our trailer will be parked right behind the Aqua Theater (the large concrete structure next to the boathouse).  Parking is limited so we encourage carpooling when possible.

For more regatta information including race schedule and results, visit the Green Lake Crew website.  Athletes will find out from their coaches when they are expected to be at the race course and when they are racing.  In addition to their race time, athletes will be expected to take part in the unloading and/or loading of the trailer.

Cost: $71
Barcode: 66775