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Coming Up: Boat Dedication

Coming up on Wednesday, April 27 at 6:30 p.m., we will be dedicating two new shells: a midweight 4+ and heavyweight pair/double.  All are encouraged to join us in welcoming these two new additions to our fleet.

The midweight 4+ is a boat designed for crews averaging 160 – 195 pounds.  It is a “bowloader” four which means the coxswain lays down in the bow compartment as opposed to the more traditional “sternloaded” shells where the coxswain sits in the stern.

The heavyweight 2x/2- is a boat designed for crews averaging 175 – 230 pounds.  These boats do not have a coxswain seat.

Both these shells were made by Pocock Racing Shells in Everett, WA and were purchased through our fundraising efforts.  Thanks to all those who helped make these new shells possible.